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Steve Sable, the owner of Target Zone Fitness, has been helping clients reach their fitness goals for over 25 years.  He is certified through the American Council on Exercise and has successfully owned and operated two personal training facilities in Falls Church, Va.  Steve began operating his first facility, The Bodyzone Inc., in 1995 which became an immense success.  In 2010 he then opened a second facility, Target Zone Fitness and is currently working at that location. 

Steve’s clients over the years are both men and women and have ranged in age from thirteen to eighty.  He specializes in fitness and nutritional instruction while working with clients that have medical issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity.  Working in conjunction with a general practitioner, a cardiologist and a doctor of chiropractic, Steve comes highly recommended in post-surgical rehabilitation of joint replacement and open-heart surgery.​

Whether your goals are driven by the recommendation of your medical professional or by your desire to achieve your personal best, Target Zone Fitness is the solution.
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